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Home Inspector Massachusetts

Home Inspector MA, MassachusettsHello, my name is Bob Clarke, owner of REC CONSULTANTS. I am a licensed home inspector in the state of Massachusetts with over 20 years of inspection experience. I have performed over 7,000 inspections-both residential and commerical. I carry state required errors and omission insurance (policy on request). My background also includes a supervisor license in pest control.

Taking the age, size and condition of a home into consideration, the average onsite inspection time runs 2-4 hours. I encourage my clients to accompany me during the inspection at which time I will point out specific defects and answer all of there questions. The onsite inspection is followed with a detailed narrative report with color photos of defects, usually faxed or mailed within 24 hours of the insection. Upon request and with ever full inspection, I will provide a separate wood destroying inspection report at no extra charge (a 175.00 value).

Home Inspector Independency in Massachusetts

In the past most of the home inspections were performed by inspectors who actively solicit and were referred by the rear estate agent. While this may seem reasonable, sales agents are required by law to work for the seller, not the buyer. Because of the obvious conflict, Massachusetts restricts rear estate agents from referring specific inspectors. Still many continue to refer unknowing buyers to those inspectors who they know will downplay a home's most serious flaws and who may not even point out lesser flaws in order to obtain referrals. Today, the buyer sales agent can refer inspectors to their clients. While the majority of the buyers sales are honest, ethically and hard working, one must remember, no sales agent receives compensation unless the property is sold. Thorough and knowledgeable inspectors usually are not on their refereed list.

Choose Independent Home Inspector

While it's true we occasionally receive referrals from sales agents who have a honest interest in protecting their buyers, however, most of our inspections come from satisfied clients, attorneys and mortgage companies. Under no circumstances do we actively solicit brokers or sales agents. We tell it like it is. After all, that's what you're paying us for.