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Homeowners Inspections
Home Inspections aren't just for buyers. Sellers who obtain a thorough home inspection from a qualified inspector are often made aware of hidden and often costly problems. Prices start at $250
Commercial Inspections
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** Price includes certain accessible common areas, such as roof, siding, foundation, etc.



Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection
A visual inspection for wood-destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood-boring beetles) and the type of damage they leave behind is included free of charge with every home inspection. A wood-destroying insect inspection can be performed exclusively for $225.

Radon Test
A two-day, two-canister EPA-approved radon test costs $95 when performed in conjunction with a home inspection.

Water Quantity Test
A water quantity test is desirable if the home depends on a well instead of the local municipality for its domestic water supply. A water quantity test takes four hours to perform (usually an hour longer than the home inspection itself) and requires the permission of the homeowner. A water quantity test costs $225 when performed in conjunction with a home inspection.

Lead Inspection
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Note: Above fees are for inspections within 25 miles of Boston, MA. Slightly higher fees apply beyond this radius.